Angel Perez
Long Time Real Estate Investor

Hari is a phenomenal real estate photographer, a total pro, and an artist, and he’s quick & efficient with his equipment and YOUR time & resources. As a real estate investor, getting the right shot means everything to show the homes as true as when they are shown by real estate agents. Without using MLS, I had 4500 views in 2 weeks on Zillow and I closed it in 2 weeks as a Sale by owner. What sets his real estate photography off is getting that perfect shot that makes buyers take that second look. His pictures definitely pulled buyers in and the pictures you see on Zillow don’t come close to his quality. Although I didn’t have to go through this process, his pictures, 360 virtual tour, and Aerial Drone images are formatted for the MLS and super easy to upload. I highly recommend Hari for your real estate photography needs.


Justin Gaither
Managing Partner at LEAGUE 704

We were amazed at the quality of photography done for our rental properties. I can tell he spent a lot of time in editing and the attention to detail and eye for the best shots was evident when we received the photography back. He has also always been professional and on time and we were impressed at how quickly he was able to edit the photos and send them back to us. Highly recommend.


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Although I started my career with Photography, and have done 100’s of commercials and magazine covers, I have decided to dedicate my passion towards filmmaking. But, I’m still continuing and in fact more than ever trying to do photography on the side to save some to invest on my filmmaking gears. That’s right. It’s crazy expensive and feeds my passion, not my family :). That said, you’ll be getting the best out of me for what you pay.

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