I am Hari.

I create visuals that are story-driven and tailored to you.

The client list range from mom-and-pop shops to multinational huge corporations.

Methodist Hospital Group


Tell your brand story.

Everything from short films to commercials to youtube videos to music videos for independent musicians.

Sharing your story resonates with your audience. Every story matters. By writing a screenplay that captures audiences' attention and draws them in your story is crucial. We help you get your story out there.
Whether you want to make commercials, music videos, interviews, documentaries, or web YouTube series, my background in film direction education is a valuable asset to help you tell a better story. For the love of telling stories through images, I have honed my abilities in film editing and direction.
I am currently available for hire.

Music videos are becoming increasingly popular as indie singers and musicians look for more opportunities to showcase their talents. If you're looking for a affordable professional music production company for your singles music video in Charlotte, NC, look no further. Below videos were not a high-end production but shot with completely available resources using RED Scarlet W and C100's Mark II with available light.

Every small business needs series of video that focuses on their brand story, instructional videos, interviews of their audience, product showcase, commercials for advertising, youtube series videos for on-going content strategy and more.

Below are some of the sample videos that focuses on small business video production.



For me, it all started with photography. Although headshots and architectural photography are two of my favorites to shoot, I enjoy all forms of photography.

For Real Estate Architectural Photography, you can visit CharlottePixels