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Hari’s Disc Test Results

How I’m seen matters.

You tend to be an easy person to be around, unlikely to deliberately antagonize others. This trait comes from your sincere interest in others, your optimism, and your patience in working with others. As a result, you may be sought-after for a variety of committees and working teams. You’ll make sure that the job gets done, and that people are enjoying what they’re doing.

hari, your pattern of responses indicates that you display a high energy level, especially in social situations, and are very good at meeting new people. This comes from a combination of traits: your sincere interest in others, your verbal skills, your moderate sense of urgency, and the fact that you don’t come off as egocentric. All of these traits combine to create an ability to meet others very easily. If you are standing in a line, you may tend to converse with others in the line. This is a natural demonstration of your ease in dealing with people.

Your response pattern indicates that you tend to be optimistic and rely on that optimism to engage and motivate others. This strength can be used in a variety of situations to bring many different types of people together to cooperate on a project. Though some of these people may not seem to fit perfectly within the team, you can serve as a catalyst to get everyone on board.

You score like those who prefer a cooperative social environment to an antagonistic one. While this might sound like common sense, there are some who may intentionally stir the work climate to create antagonism. You have an ability to disarm some of that antagonistic spirit, and to encourage a climate of optimism.

You tend to be action-oriented, able to handle many projects simultaneously. You have a rare ability to skillfully multi-task. However, there is an opportunity cost, as small details might get overlooked, or important items submitted past deadline. You can control this by being certain that your to-do list is up-to-date, and that listed items are actually getting accomplished.

You have a strong determination toward accomplishing your own agenda and will work to motivate others to that end. You have the ability to promote your own ideas assertively to others, without your message being perceived as a “hard sell.” This comes from your sense of confidence, your verbal skills, and your spontaneous flexibility, and can be of enormous value in negotiations with others.

How did I end up taking this test and why does it matter?

I went to a very energetic meetup to learn about real estate. They discussed how to hire people who are sincere and effective. Part of the screening process begins with the Tony Robins Disc Test. 

A very simple test, that can help identify the characteristics of the candidate. 

As I’m looking for someone to help me with the sales and marketing with digital media expertise before I share this test with other people, I wanted to take one for myself so I can answer any questions that may come my way.

I’m quite impressed with the result. It was spot on with everything about me. 

This test is not just about identifying the characteristics, but it shows the ability of sincerity to apply for a new job. How many people would actually be willing to take this test regardless of the result of being selected for the position? I guess it’s a very important quality to analyze and it will help out talking to a dozen people and end up hiring the wrong one.

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