Commercial Videography Charlotte, NC

Commercial Video for small business is very essential for all types of business as it’s the easiest and quickest way to tell the brand story. Though hariharan is capable of shooting any style of promotional videos as a commercial videographer such as interview-based with B roll, whiteboard promotional videos with voiceover, this family-owned furniture company COCOCOHOME from Charlotte NC had its own challenges.

Before we get into the detail, Here is the final theatrical output, which is running in Cornelius theatre, and national tv channels.

COCOCOHOME makes custom furniture right here in their North Carolina factory. When I was approached to do the promotional commercial video for their theatrical display and landing pages, I was also presented with a challenge which is, we would not be able to shoot this in a scripted fashion and as well show the process of making one furniture start to finish, since the process and making of the furniture takes longer. As I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty details, I did understand that they do not have the luxury to stop the production just for the video.

I had to create a script that is more of a documentary style, yet show how much effort is being done in the creation of each and every Chesterfield furniture. When I visited the factory, I realized each and every upholsters were like an artist. And the level of detail and effort they put during the entire process of making their furniture were flawless and unparalleled.

Did you know, COCOCOHOME furniture was used in the Deadpool 2 Movie? Yeah, that’s right, and so major corporates such as Google, NY Lounges, Luxury Hotels, and Interior Designers top choice for their Chesterfield Sofa needs.

And below are some of the photography of their small business.

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